We guarantee the exchange or return of goods purchased from us. Here you will learn about the exchange and refund rules:

Follow the basic rules of care for the product. In case of violation of the presentation of the purchased products, the online store has the right to refuse to return them.

The period of return of the goods of proper quality is 30 days from the date of receipt of the goods.
The refund of the transferred funds is made to your bank account within 5-30 business days (the period depends on the bank that issued your bank card

If you accepted the goods from the courier service, and then decided to issue a refund, the courier's call and payment of the transport company's expenses are made at the expense of the buyer.

Exchange and return of goods of proper quality is made :                        - the piece of furniture is not part of a set or kit;                - the furniture has not been used, including must retain its presentation (packaging, labels, labels and original packaging).

To exchange and return the product, you must contact

to the Customer Service Department :

Make a phone call:8 812 908-33-20

Or send a refund request by mail : info@uniqplace.ru

Working days: from 10: 00 to 19: 00 (MON-FRI)

Refund forms :

Certificate for the return of goods of proper quality 

Certificate for the return of goods of improper quality 



8 (812) 908-33-20 info@uniqplace.ru

St. Petersburg, Krasnogvardeyskaya pl. 3E,

Design district DAA, E1 124